Web Developer


Content, Content, Content

Here we come to the most important part of the website! How are you going to communicate your service/product/ideas to visitors? Let’s look at some different ways to get the info across to your customers.

Your customers are coming for information about your products/services and your company. Don’t get in their way with confusing, poorly organized, out-of-date content.

Less text is usually better!
Yes, search engines need text to understand your site, but they don’t need volumes of text that no one, including you, would ever want to sit down and read! The general rule of thumb for websites is to write your content, and then cut at least half of it. Reducing ‘wordiness’ clarifies your point. Write for your visitors, and the search engines will follow!
Pictures are worth 100 words
Great pictures however, are worth every bit of their famous 1,000 word quota! Paying a good photographer to take pictures of your products/services/location, will be worth every penny in the long run. Great pictures don’t just communicate information about your products/services/location, they communicate your commitment to excellence, and your pride in your products. Also consider the impact of low-grade images on the overall design of the website. I’ve seen more than a few great site designs that are wrapped around second-rate images, and the result is not pleasant! They play a huge role in the overall aesthetics of the website.
Video is king!
Great video is probably the number one thing that a small business can use to set themselves apart in their industry. Great video is a combination of creative content, and great audio and visual quality. It’s typically not the cheapest way to promote yourself, but is still a very profitable way to catch your potential customers attention!

 Step 3:  Ooh, Pretty Colors