Web Developer


Project Phases

  1. Consultation
    We’ll set up a meeting to discuss the scope of your new/re-designed site.
    Items to cover include:
    Site purpose (What’s it for? Who is the target market?).
    Site theme (Corporate, Modern, Nature, Grunge, generally defined by the site’s purpose).
    Budget (including site creation, maintenance, and any marketing costs).
    Site Content (who’s creating it, what’s needed: copy, pictures, logos, video, etc).
    Once the scope of the project is established, a general timeline to completion is established, and I will give a bid estimate, and define the deposit necessary to begin the project. I also give you a list of the content needed from you to complete the site.
  2. Design and Content
    These two run concurrently.

    • Design Mock-up and Approval
      Within a typical turnaround time of several weeks, I will present a design mock-up for your review. Bids usually include a maximum of two design revisions.
    • Client Content Submission
      This is your part! Collect all the content needed, and begin organizing it.
  3. Site Creation
    Once 100% of the content is provided and the design is approved, then everything is ready to begin building the actual site. From this point the average site can be finished within 10 business days. Obviously this can vary based on workload, or site scope. I can present a more accurate, project-specific timeframe during the consultation phase.
  4. Final Approval
    The site is completed on a test server and ready for you to review, and approve. Changes are minimal at this point, since all the content and design have already been approved.
  5. Final Payment
    Now that the site is finished, we explore the favorite color of every designer: green!
  6. Site Goes Live!
    The site is moved from the testing server to a production server, and the project is completed to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Step 5: Keys to Success